Arizona Rules For Personal Pool Repairs

Pool owners in the state of Arizona are now required to know various rules related to pool safety. According to the Residential Pool Safety Notice, residential pool owners now must be mindful of pool safety requirements and duty of ownership.

If the owner is planning for constructing, repairing or pool resurfacing in Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale or any other city within the state he must now adhere to all  rules and requirements. Pool Resurfacing Phoenix has helped shed clarity on pool safety laws being handed down by the state.

Arizona department of health servicesEvery year many cases come into light where young children become victims of drowning and escape from getting drowned. After the threat was recognized, Arizona State Legislature passed ARS 36-1681.  According to ARS 36-1681, all the pool owners are required to receive all legal requirements for poll ownership. They also need to receive safety notice that explains the recommendations on safety of pools by Arizona Department of Health Services. The rules every pool owner must be educated with are:

1. Residences having children under six must have pools protected by at least a five feet enclosure in the form of wall or fence that surrounds the pool area.
2. The pool owners are required to be sure that there is no opening in the enclosure that allows any object off our inches diameter to pass.
3. If the pool is enclosed by a chain or mesh like fence, the maximum size of the mesh should be one or three quarter inches horizontally.
4. Enclosure must have a self latching and self closing gates with latch. The latch must be located at least fifty four inches above underlying-ground.
5. The gate must open outward and not inward from the pool.
6. The enclosure must not have openings, footholds or handholds reachable from outer side. These openings can be easily used to climb the enclosure.
7. The enclosure should be at least twenty inches above the water’s edge.
8. A motorized safety pool-cover is required to protect the pool. The cover must have an operation of key switch that is required to meet the American society of testing and materials-emergency standards 13-89.
9. The cover should not have a manual operation excluding the use of key switch.
10. The rescue windows or the emergency escape from room having access to swimming pools should be armed with latching device at least fifty-four inches above floor.

Pool Resurfacing Phoenix is reminding pool owners that they are required to meet all the requirements and standards before constructing, repairing or resurfacing the pool. The owners must be sure that the pool has a non-climbable enclosure and there is no ladder or support that is removable below fifty-four inches.

Beside these rules the pool owners must take care that a child is never left unattended around the pool area or in the pool. Pool Resurfacing Phoenix suggests a phone should be present in the pool area and should be easily accessible in any emergency. Attending water rescue classes and CPR or CCR are recommended as they will be beneficial for all pool owners. The owners must check regularly if the gates are locked properly.

The pool owners are also required to clean the filters, baskets, poll floor and walls regularly. If the baskets or filters are choked, they will not allow the water to flow freely and can also slow the filter. If the pump is hard to work, it will pay more to run it. Pool Resurfacing Phoenix of Arizona is here to walk you through all state defined requirements and make sure your pool is both clean and safe!